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Farseer Founders - Matej, Matija, Zrinko, Luka
Matija Nakić


Matija Nakić 


Connects and motivates.

Shark sales instincts. 🦈

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 The Founding Team: 

A band of rule-breaking problem solvers.

Luka Mijatović


Luka Mijatović


Math wizz.

The rational one. 🧮

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Zrinko Dolić


Zrinko Dolić


A racing mind.

Endless energy. ⚡️

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Matej Trbara

Customer Success

Matej Trbara


Logical and empathic.

Devil's advocate. 💼

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  About Us

Farseer is a low-code SaaS for financial modeling, planning, and analytics.


 OUR VISION:  to become the go-to software for financial modeling and planning and the go-to financial planning software for companies overgrowing spreadsheets.

 OUR MISSION:  to make financial planning something companies want to do instead of have to do.

Farseer Founders - Matej, Zrinko, Matija, Luka

  The Journey

Farseer Our Journey - Story, awards, accomplishments, timeline, company founded

The Farseer journey started a few years back intending to solve our planning problems in a telecom company. Approximately 70 people were involved in the planning process. It was done in humongous Excel documents and managed by email and sporadic meetings next to the water cooler. 


The simple program from the telecom era grew into a solid MVP during the next few years and in 2019 we started with customer development and startup programs, winning a few major pitch competitions during that incubation year. The message from the market and the startup community was clear:


"Nobody has managed to create a powerful planning tool that is simple to use, and we would love to see you go for it."

So in  September 2020 , together with a few amazing people working on the project part-time, we took a leap of faith and started pursuing our vision of becoming the go-to financial planning software for companies overgrowing spreadsheets.

  The Future


Centralized model, inherent timeline, faster and cleaner natural language formulas specialized for financial modeling, built-in shortcuts... 


Find out how Farseer changes the future of planning solutions.

Farseer Mission Assignment

  Our Values & Beliefs

Challenge. 🖕

Complacency is our biggest enemy. We challenge the status quo - internally and externally.


Disrupt, dismiss and push back - with arguments. Raise the bar for yourself and everyone else.

Create. 🎨

We bring something into existence every day. Instead of an idea, we will make a draft, and instead of a draft, we will make version 0.1.


It's much easier to discuss a deliverable than a train of thoughts.

Deliver. 🎯

We are accountable for what we do. We honor deadlines and deliverables internally and towards our clients.


A promise not fulfilled is like a minus on the relationship balance account, and bankrupt relationships bring to a bankrupt company.

Minimize. ☯️

We ask ourselves every day: what can I stop doing? How much code can I delete, how many marketing materials can I retire?


Minimalism is at the core of our communication, processes, and product.

Have fun and be yourself. 💃 🕺

We try to be good sports, work passionately, and not take ourselves too seriously.


People who tap-dance to work are the only ones who can change the world.

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🤝 Partners

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 75-77 High St. 

CR0 1QE Croydon

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 Bosanska ul. 3 

10 000 Zagreb

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Don't want to rely on spreadsheets alone?

Book a demo today, and we will show you how Farseer can level up your finance game.

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