Budgeting Software for The Industry 4.0

Farseer eliminates tedious manual work while helping management and finances teams to focus on driving business results.

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Farseer Budgeting saves enterprises up to three weeks a year on budgeting tasks.

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 Omni-Directional  - A New Way of Enterprise Budgeting

Farseer empowers finance teams to create a shareable, real-time representation of how the business actually works
Switch between top-down and bottom-up perspectives, enter the data on any level, and have all company-wide budgets automatically synced.

Create the organisational and planning structure using the user interface, or via import. Connect the variables using human language formulas.

Analyze The Data

Farseer helps you make sense of the data. Crunch the numbers with unparalleled precision by leveraging Farseer’s natural language formulas and one-click what-if analyses. Condense gigabytes of spreadsheets into one simple but powerful company model, and simplify the process.

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It’s easy to create beautiful reports with data that is always accurate and up-to-date. Build beautiful interactive dashboards for specific cost centers, and share them with anyone from the organization.

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Easy to Onboard

Have your custom financial model up and running in less than 24 hours.

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User Friendly

Easier to use and more reliable than spreadsheet and legacy tools.

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Computational Power

Automatic calculations powered by machine learning save time while always providing actionable data.

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Why Should You Try Budgeting With Farseer?

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Awake Your Business With Year Long Budgeting

Escape the horrors of budgeting season by implementing new way of solving budgeting problems, or improve on your existing methodologies. Farseer’s flexibility ensures efficient workflows no matter the strategy.

  • Top down budgeting

  • Bottom up budgeting

  • Zero - based budgeting

  • Driver based budgeting

  • Rolling forecasts

Collect Inputs

Implementing company wide budgets is a breeze with Farseer. Involve all stakeholders, coordinate cost centers, request inputs from department heads, and allocate budget projections using Farseer’s advanced modeling capabilites and automatic data importing features.

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That Time of The Year Again?

Collaborative Planning

Forget departmental silos and corrupt spreadsheets. Farseer supports an unlimited number of users, working on a single source of truth, with granular access restrictions and real-time data propagation.

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Unlimited Budget Versions

Budgeting in Farseer is a streamlined and straighworward. Adding new budget versions is a one-click effort, every time.

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Industry agnostic

A powerful FP&A platform, Farseer is specifically created to help companies make the most of their financial data and optimize their financial processes.
Across all industries.

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A Flexible Tool For Truly Efficient Budgeting Processes