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Budgeting and Forecasting Software Hand-crafted for SMEs

Easily create and forecast company budgets by yourself or with your team.

Farseer eliminates tedious manual work while helping management and finance teams to focus on driving business results.

Farseer users save up to 30 days on budgeting and forecasting related tasks

 Easy  to Onboard

Have your custom financial model up and running in less than 24 hours.

 Simple  to Use

Easier to use and more reliable than spreadsheet tools.

Extremely  Powerful 

Automatic calculations save your time while giving you actionable data.

Get a Hold of Your Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are not sustainable as only budgeting tools for companies. Controlling and consolidating multiple budgeting spreadsheet templates is always a chore. They are an administrative nightmare: prone to errors, and a constant security risk. Also, creating multiple budget versions using spreadsheets is too complicated.

One Software for all Your Financial Needs

Budgeting, forecasting, top-down and bottom-up planning, interactive reporting... Farseer will help you optimize all financial related processes. It is a software equivalent of a multi-tool.

A Tool That Supports Growth

You don’t need to be a CFO to make informed budget decisions with Farseer. As your business grows, the software follows along, without consultant fees, and additional custom development costs. Both you and your accountant can finally have a good night's sleep.

What problems does Farseer solve?

Tracking Actuals

Actuals can be entered manually or you can connect your budget model to an outside data source. Farseer’s unique UI enables you to easily track all revenues and expenditure estimates and compare them to actuals.

Unlimited Budget Versions

Budgeting in Farseer is a streamlined and straightforward process. Adding new budget versions doesn’t require re-working the entire model from the ground up - it can get done in just a few clicks.


All your financial data is encrypted and completely safe in the Cloud - the system is backed up after every new entry. No accidental deletions, corrupted and duplicate data.

Creating Business Scenarios

Easily create detailed What-if scenarios directly from your customized Farseer Dashboard. Manage risks, identify key business drivers and opportunities, understand all effects of major business decisions, and be prepared for anything that might come your way. Solve your problems before they even occur.

Planning in Teams

Empower your entire team to collaborate, and have all budget owners and stakeholders involved. Everyone can work simultaneously. Farseer enables specific input requests (down to only one cell) - users can access only what they need to see, and all budgeting-related communication is done in one place.

Real - Time Reports

All Reports and Dashboards in Farseer are extremely easy to set up and customize. Once set up, they update automatically, after a change in the budget model is made.

Farseer is compatible with your existing accounting software

Stories from the outside

Head of Controlling @ Coral

Bruno Oštrić

"Farseer is powerful, yet very intuitive and easy to use. The support is beyond belief. We've completely replaced Excel for financial planning and analytics, moving from manual to collaborative.

Implementing collaborative planning of P&L, cash flow, balance sheet and profitability of all aspects of our business in one fast and intuitive interface has truly improved the way we manage our business."


No plans, add-ons, and hidden costs, one price covers all features and use cases.


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