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Lelo, a global producer of intimate lifestyle products, uses Farseer to automate demand forecasting and more.

Learn how Farseer helped Lelo →

Violeta, an international producer, and distributor of hygiene goods, automates sales planning for 30 brands and hundreds of SKUs.

Learn how Farseer helped Violeta →

Plinacro, the largest national gas distributor in Croatia, automates financial reporting and streamlines CAPEX planning.

Learn how Farseer helped Plinacro →

With Farseer, Mazars got a detailed drill-down into client, team and employee profitability.

Learn how Farseer helped Mazars →

Farseer has digitally transformed budgeting and reporting processes in AKD and helped them focus on strategy.

Learn how Farseer helped AKD →

Case Studies

Read about how Farseer made our clients' jobs easier and helped them make better business decisions. 

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