Take Control over Your Company’s Cash Flow and Increase the Profitability.

Farseer Cash is an advanced cash flow analysis software for SMEs. It uses the company’s bank statements to predict what happens with the cash.

Most entrepreneurs realize how important it is to carefully track their finances. But they often don't have enough time to do it properly. 
Lousy cash flow planning is the main reason why 82% of SMEs fail*. 

How can Farseer Cash help me?

You don't have to be an advanced Excel user or spend hours on manual data entry. Simply drag and drop your bank statements to Farseer and get detailed and instant insight into your finances. 


Detailed cost tracking and planning

You want to know exactly how much money your business is spending, and what can you do to cut costs? You don't have enough time to gather and analyze your data manually? 
Farseer Cash is the tool for you. Based on your previous expenses, it will automatically forecast what will happen in the future. Simply drag and drop your company's bank statement, and Farseer will do the rest. 


It is impossible to get a reliable overview of your company's finances without a detailed summary of all your revenues. You want to see your revenues by channel, services, clients, or products? Not a problem. Farseer Cash enables you to automatically forecast all your incomes. It helps you understand how and when you generate revenue. 

Revenue planning


Automatic cash-flow analyses

Farseer will automatically generate your company's dashboard with beautiful, interactive, and simple to use financial graphs and reports. 
See all of your key financial data is in one place, automatically updated at all times. 
Cash Dashboard enables you to create advanced What-if analyses and experiments in just a few clicks before making important business decisions. 

Manual modeling - for advanced users

Farseer Cash will automatically generate a detailed financial model of your business in the background. You can manually edit it for even more control and precision. Have your team members help you with that - Farseer Cash supports multiple users who can all work simultaneously.