Centralized Financial Planning Designed for Teams

Farseer eliminates manual work while helping teams to focus on driving business results.

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 3x  Faster Forecasting

Our machine learning engine makes workflows 3X faster compared to spreadsheets and legacy tools.

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 Bottom-Up and Top-Down  Budgeting

Automatic cost allocation can adapt to any budgeting approach, while making the collaborations simple and straightforward.

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 Real-Time  Cash Flow Planning

Rapid Modelling + automated transaction import enable real-time expense and revenue tracking and control.

Teams Make  Better Plans  With Farseer


Your Planning Teamwork

Unlike spreadsheets, Farseer is created to simplify complex planning workflows and make working together intuitive and easy.

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Detailed User & Group Permissions

Limit Access to Sensitive Data. Create groups with specific permissions and access privileges and control what users can see and edit down to one spreadsheet cell.

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Live Report Sharing

What's better than exporting a PDF report and mailing it to a colleague? Sharing a live report or a what-if scenario directly to their dashboard.

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Built-In Collab Tools

Coordinate planning, organize groups, set task statuses, leave comments, assign responsibilities, and challenge figures without leaving Farseer. No more meetings and emails.

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Partial Model Sharing

Give users access to a piece of specific information without compromising the security of the model.

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Shared Model Templates

Share the most common financial model templates with a team member for the fastest modeling ever.

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No-Code Setup

Share the most common financial model templates with a team member for the fastest modeling ever.

  Cross-Departmental Planning In  Bubblz Inc. 

Here's how  Bubblz Inc.  uses Farseer's collaborative features for significantly faster and more accurate financial and operative planning.

Multiple Plan Versions

After 2020, the Management decided the company needed to be more prepared for contingencies. They asked the finance department to build the worst, realistic, and best-case scenarios for every budget and forecast.


Central planners add global plan versions with  one click , without rebuilding the model. Users across the company can instantly see new plan versions in their model. They also appear in all the existing reports in the Dashboard.

Real-Time Financial Statements

The most important financial statements are always available and updated with the latest data. Accounting imports all GL accounts to Farseer, Finance department uses them to build the statements. After connecting them to the model, they share them with Management. People at the top can immediately see the statements in their Dashboard and  drill down  to the tiniest detail.


No one has to compile the data and prepare the reports, which makes the year close, internal and external reporting immeasurably easier.

Simplified Cash-Flow Planning

The live cash flow statement on the CFO's Dashboard updates with the latest data in real-time. She tracks Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) KPIs to examine expenses and revenues, compare them with past projections without deep-diving into the model and  easily share  the company's cash position and total revenues KPIs with the Management.

Farseer Versions Management Screenshot
Farseer Cash Flow Dashboard - With data tables, charts and simulations
P&L Markets Data Table

Bubblz Inc.

Bubblz is a cosmetic production company that improved its financial planning by moving away from spreadsheets to Farseer.

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