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Planning designed for teams.

Eliminate manual work and help your teams to focus on driving business results.

Detailed user & group permissions

Limit access to sensitive data. Create groups with specific permissions and access privileges and control what users can view or edit down to a spreadsheet cell.

Live report sharing

What's better than exporting a PDF report and mailing to a colleague? Sharing a live report or a what-if scenario directly to their dashboard.

Built-in collab tools

Coordinate planning, organize groups, set task statuses, leave comments, assign responsibilities and challenge figures without leaving Farseer. No more meetings or emails.

Partial model sharing

Give users access to a piece of specific information without compromising the security of the model.

Shared model-building templates

Help your teammates model and plan faster by sharing the most commonly used model building blocks with them.

No-code setup

Configure the workflows and collaboration settings using simple WYSIWYG editors and drag and drop interactions.

Customize your planning teamwork.

A tool created to simplify complex planning workflows and make working together intuitive and easy.



Teams make better plans with Farseer.

Collaborate effectively with entry links.

Request inputs from your coworkers by sharing the entry link with (or without) suggested values. After they write them in and after they are approved, your model updates automatically.

The best thing is: You can collect data from anyone - entry links don't require an active Farseer license to work.

Share your work with anyone.

Unlike any other enterprise planning tool, with Farseer, you can share your work outside your usual planning network with third parties that aren't Farseer users.

Comment, chat and attach files.

Get instant feedback from your colleagues with Farseer comments. Start discussions directly on a model section, back your arguments with attachments, and tag whoever is in charge of the data.

Farseer makes your planning collaboration really painless.

Share live reports with anyone.

How often do you need to manually pull data from several systems and compile extensive .ppt reports that get outdated as soon as you send them out? Too often, probably.

In Farseer, you can create entire dashboards and share them with multiple shareholders without worrying about data accuracy - they update automatically whenever you change the model. You can also export them if you like your .ppts.

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