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Automated sales forecasting with easy collaboration.

Farseer predicts sales based on historical data, simplifying planning and analysis in one screen. Spend more time with customers, not in Excel. 


AI sales forecasting without manual work in spreadsheets.


Collaborative sales planning for all team members.

  • Setting top-down goals

  • Tracking plan vs actuals

Sales managers
  • Planning process management without manual work

  • Automated actuals tracking and comparison with targets and forecasts

Category managers
  • Automated planning by territories, down to SKU level.

  • Setting and tracking targets for the entire team.

Assets planning
  • Automated sales planning by key buyers

  • Rebate and discounts management


The planning solution your sales team will love.

Automated sales planning and forecasting.

You won’t have to input any plans manually. Farseer will pre-populate sales plans using your historical data and allow you to change them, while every user gets access to the numbers they need to see.

Detailed profitability analysis, without manual work.

Break down profits by brands, regions, or key accounts, from monthly to annual views. Add any rebates with ease. Calculate Net Revenue 1, 2, 3, and Gross Margin automatically.

Ad hoc what-if analysis.

Explore how changing sales prices, COGS, or quantities affects your results. Our tool lets you easily test different scenarios and see the impact. Make informed choices based on market changes.

Easily manage territories, product lines, brands, and SKUs.

Making changes, such as adding new products, SKUs, and territories, is incredibly straightforward. As soon as you add new elements or edit existing ones, they automatically integrate across all models, reports. No manual updates, missed entries, and no chance of human error.

Manage the planning process for all planners.

Farseer empowers you to efficiently manage the sales planning process. Set specific targets and quotas, coordinate efforts among all salespeople, and accelerate your team's performance. You and your team can work faster and reach targets quicker, streamlining your sales strategy execution.

Give your people a better tool and future-proof your sales planning.


Eliminate hundreds of complex spreadsheets with one tool, created specifically for Sales and Finance teams in FMCG companies and save your team from spreadsheet hell.

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