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Untangle your revenue planning.

Collaborative top-down and bottom-up planning blended with machine forecasting.

Instant sales forecast and plans.

Superior accuracy.

No more manual calculations, spreadsheets breaking down, and merging your tables manually. Our machine learning and powerful calculation engine will do all the heavy lifting.

Trusted by clients in various industries...

Align management with operations.

Management sets a top-down revenue goal, and Farseer magically turns it into SKU volume targets for all your brands, regions, and key clients.

You get a detailed and accurate plan based on your historical data in minutes.

View your sales from all angles.

Plan your sales from multiple perspectives simultaneously. Slice and analyze your numbers by SKU, brands, key customers, clients, or any other variable, and change perspectives without labor-intensive spreadsheet juggling.

Your sales are multi-dimensional, and your planning tool should support that.

Analyze revenue on the spot.

Crunch the data, build detailed sales reports, find revenue drivers, analyze best performers, and predict sales performance on one screen.

Why use several tools when Farseer’s got you covered?

Test what-if scenarios.

What would happen if you launched a new product? Expanding to new markets, and want to know how will that affect the bottom line? Want to test raising marketing budgets by 50%? What happens if your suppliers raise the prices?

Investigate opportunities and back your suggestions and initiatives with solid arguments.

Plan faster, sell more.

Grow your revenue with a powerful demand planning platform you will build yourself.

Automated top-down forecast breakdown

Instant $ to SKU


Integrated multi-currency support


forecast revisions

Easy historical

data imports

Multiple forecast


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