All - Inclusive Demand Planning Spreadsheet

Collaborative top-down and bottom-up planning blended with machine forecasting.

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Powered by Machine Learning

Make detailed and accurate forecasts in one click, using Farseer's ML engine. Minimal historical data and user input.

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Multi - Dimensional

Forecast revenues on the product category level, and automatically get forecasts for SKUs, regions, and key accounts.

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Top - Down & Bottom - Up

Enter one figure at the top level and see it automatically distributed across the entire company model. Or vice versa.

Manually calculating, breaking down, and reconciling complex demand forecasts in spreadsheets?

 Farseer does it instantly, with better accuracy. 🎯 

  Simple and Iterative

Here's how  Bubblz Inc.  combines top-down and bottom-up approaches and forecasts their monthly demand in a day, with higher forecast accuracy.

  No Spreadsheet Juggling. 3X Faster Forecasting.

Automated Top-Down Forecast Breakdown

Instant $ to SKU Translation

Integrated Multi - Currency Support

One-Click Forecast Revisions

Multiple Forecast Versions

Easy Historical Data Imports

 01  | Data Import 

Central planners import multiple spreadsheets with historical sales data for all channels, regions, and products. Farseer's advanced import system helps planners map the data quickly. Every imported figure finds its place in the model automatically without formatting and data cleaning.

 02  | Switch Between Forecast Dimensions

Bubblz Management enters annual targets in total revenue.
Farseer breaks down and distributes values across the model for all channels and regions, down to the SKU level. Local demand planners instantly know the exact SKU quantities for each sales channel and region.

 03  | Fine - Tuning & Forecast Integration

All stakeholders then fine-tune their forecasts according to their specific goals and the latest information. The Sales department estimates revenues by channel, Operations reviews total SKU figures and plan for inventory, and Management can challenge any of their figures in real time - ML engine enables them to quickly make best and worst case forecast scenario versions for any variable.

 04  | Everyone Is In Sync

C-level executives can view and modify the figures from the top-down perspective, and anyone else will see the changes in forecasts instantly across all the dimensions.

Bubblz Inc.

Bubblz is a cosmetic production company that improved its financial planning by moving away from spreadsheets to Farseer.

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