Operations and financial planning made easy.

Collaborative and multi-dimensional planning for modern production and distribution companies. 

Relying on a mix of spreadsheets and ERP systems makes planning messy, slow and disconnected.


Meet Farseer 

Farseer dramatically shortens planning cycles, improves planning accuracy and eliminates manual work.

We combine the power of AI with human knowledge, for the most accurate operations and financial plan.

Unified planning, forecasting and reporting.

Demand Planning

Supply Planning

Financial planning


Maximize revenue with a faster and more accurate demand plan.





Farseer replaces tens of spreadsheets across your organization and unifies them into a holistic financial model with automatic predictions of key variables.


Using our unique tree-view, planers can align multiple dimensions and harmonise top-down or bottom-up. 


Changes in demand can be tested in multiple what-if scenarios, recalculating the entire model in miliseconds. 

How Farseer works?

1. Model

Create the organisational and planning structure using the user interface, or via import. Connect the variables using human language formulas.

2. Plan

Create users, assign rights and define the planning process. Users can plan in the tree-view, or the spreadsheet view. Numbers are automatically refreshed in the model and dashboards.

3. Import

To compare the plan with actuals for units sold, revenues, COGS or OPEX, simply import your general ledger in .xls or .csv format on a monthly or weekly basis.

4. Analyze and simulate

Create stunning and interactive dashboards to compare different plan versions with actuals, with slicing, drill-down and simulation capabilities.

Farseer guarantees an ROI of 8 months or less.

Maximize Revenue

Make sure to never lose sales with the help of demand forecasts. 

Optimise supply

Optimise the inventory thanks to a detailed supply and purchase plan.  

Improve Cash

Improve free cash with what-if scenarios.

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