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Budget, plan & report effortlessly.

Build models, orchestrate planning & compare with actuals in stunning dashboards.

Trusted by clients in various industries...

Overgrowing Excel?

Replace tons of spreadsheets with a centralized financial model.

All-in-one financial planning.

Farseer supports all financial processes in your company. Budget, forecast, report, plan your workforce, and manage cash flow in one intuitive planning platform. It is incredibly easy to plan when you work with one central source of truth.

Compare versions & scenarios without sweat.

No more manually stitching frankensheets to compare multiple plan versions and actuals. Farseer's integrated versions system makes it possible to compare two or more plan/actual versions literally in one click.

Level up your consolidation & close.

Drag and drop modeling, together with the centralized model, make the experience of consolidating and closing in Farseer several times easier than doing the same in spreadsheets. Instantly switch from annual to monthly close and consolidation, no matter how data-heavy and complex your model is.

Say goodbye to manual reporting.

Make reports in Farseer automatically as you build your company model. P&L, balance sheet, and cash-flow statement are always up-to-date with the latest data and ready to share, both internally and externally.

Collect data without headaches.

Collecting data from your co-workers doesn't have to be a hassle. Share temporary entry links with your colleagues and get the latest numbers. Easily schedule, organize, and approve entries, and they will integrate with your model automatically, without any manual work.

Forecast with certainty.

Once you have the historical data, make detailed and accurate financial forecasts in one click with Farseer's machine learning engine. Automatically forecast by multiple dimensions, integrate forecasts with the model, and compare them with realization.

Centralized model + Real time updates = Less manual work

Every new input in Farseer instantly updates the model for every user.

Live financial statements

Easily create the most important financial statements and see them automatically updated directly in your Dashboard.

Auto model sync

Have newly entered figures integrated with your model instantly after someone makes an entry.

ERP integration

Automatically sync ERP data via Farseer API and instantly get the latest numbers in your model.

Connect Farseer with your tools for faster financial planning.

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