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Total control over demand forecasting, cost management and inventory optimization.

Streamline financial planning with a 90% reduction in manual tasks. Get effective insights and integrate financial data for precise budgeting and forecasting.


Save your FP&A team from Excel hell.

Eliminate hundreds of complex spreadsheets with one tool, created specifically for financial planners.


Tailor made for financial planning.

Gain real-time insights into your inventory.

Farseer offers detailed visibility into your inventory levels, helping you stay up to date about potential overstocking and stockouts. This way you can have greater control over cash flow and profitability. Our tool delivers immediate insights into your inventory status, increasing revenue and improving working capital.

Navigate cost and price changes effectively to protect your margins.

Efficiently manage fluctuating costs and market prices with Farseer: quickly adjust to changes, keeping your pricing competitive and profits intact. Simplify your response to market shifts and protect your bottom line in the ever-changing FMCG landscape.

Automate your P&L consolidation.

As your team updates financials, Farseer instantly reflects them in your consolidated P&L report, in real-time. With Farseer, your team gets an always-updated, error-free picture of your entire organization's profitability.

Stop wasting time on data preparation and management.

Farseer streamlines data prep and management. Automate data integration from diverse sources, minimizing errors and simplifying governance. Say goodbye to collection, cleaning, validation, and transformation worries.

AI forecasting

Automatically generated plans and reports

Centralized process management for the entire company

Automated top down and bottom up demand forecasts

Integrated production planning

Automated profitability calculations and OPEX allocation


Centralized model + Real time updates = Less manual work

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