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Total control over budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

Farseer’s automated planning cuts down manual tasks by up to 90%. Collaborate on a centralized model with total data integrity, and manage planning easily.


Save your FP&A team from Excel hell.


Tailor-Made for Finance and FP&A.

Centralized process management for the entire company.

Make financial planning simpler and more secure. Easily collect data, assign tasks, control data access, and automate reminders for unfinished work. Spend less time managing and more time strategizing, improving productivity and driving your business forward.

Quickly provide answers for all ad hoc requests from decision makers.

Farseer's automated, real-time reporting and advanced in-memory database enable you to swiftly respond to ad hoc requests. Retrieve data easily and quickly, enabling rapid, accurate decision-making. With Farseer, you don't just meet business demands - you stay ahead.

Automatically generate accurate plans and reports.

Create reports automatically and effortlessly. Key financial reports like the P&L, balance sheet, and cash-flow statement are always updated with the latest data, ready to be shared at a moment's notice.

Spend less time on data preparation and management.

Farseer streamlines data prep and management. Automate data integration from diverse sources, minimizing errors and simplifying governance. Say goodbye to collection, cleaning, validation, and transformation worries.

Leverage AI-based forecasting.

Once you have the historical data, make detailed and accurate financial forecasts in one click with Farseer's machine learning engine. Automatically forecast by multiple dimensions, and easily implement rolling forecasts.

Centralized model + Real time updates = Less manual work



We eliminated tens of thousands of spreadsheets for our clients.

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