Take Control Over Your Company Cash Flow

Intelligently automated cash flow analysis, forecasting and reporting for enterprises.

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Bad cash flow planning is the main reason why

 82% of companies fail... 

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Detailed Revenue Control

Plan the future in detail by customizing cash-flow categories. Forecast and analyze revenues by products, customers, vendors, sales channels, projects, business units, departments, etc. Farseer helps you understand your revenue streams.

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300x Faster Driver Based Analyses

Farseer’s unprecedented flexibility and tech innovations enable you to experiment with your model constantly. Uncover what drives your cash flow by testing out multiple scenarios. Manage risks, identify key business drivers, and be prepared for anything that might come your way.

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Farseer Finder

Move away from CTRL + C towards a strategic partner.

Farseer empowers finance teams to create a shareable, real-time representation of how the business actually works.

Real Time Expense Control

Farseer enables total overview and control over all company expenses. From simple ones such as rents and various fees to more complex ones such as amortization and interests.

With Your Company's Cash Flow, Time Is of The Essence

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Predict The Future

Know the impacts of your business initiatives by running complex what-if scenarios in seconds, on customizable interactive Dashboards

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See The Cash

Improve your cash visibility by easily drilling down to transaction levels and always know your company-wide cash positions.

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Integrate Cash Flow Reports

Complex reports such as cash flow statements and balance sheets are generated and updated automatically in Farseer with every new entry.

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Control Your Cash Flow  In Real Time 

Collaborative Cash Flow Planning

It is easy to organize workflows when all your cash flow data is in one place and all stakeholders are involved through Farseer’s collaborative hub. Access the data you need exactly when you need it, without manual work and error-ridden spreadsheets.

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Financial Planning with Spreadsheets

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No training required

Limited modelling capabilities

Data scattered across company silos

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Limited reporting capabilities

Complicated, clunky formulas

Complex multi-user workflows

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Manual, error prone forecasting

No data security

Financial Planning with Farseer

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No training required

Designed for complex financial modelling

Single source of truth

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Interactive dashboards with what-if scenarios

Intuitive, natural language formulas

Multi-user platform

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Machine learning powered automation

Secure access control via cloud