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Microsoft Dynamics 365 + Farseer

Microsoft's intelligent suite of business tools, oriented toward ERP and CRM features.


You can do better than spreadsheets & old-school enterprise software.


Integrate in minutes

Connect Farseer to Microsoft Dynamics 365 easily via Farseer’s proprietary API, and import data automatically, without any manual work.

Click to map

Choose where exactly in your Farseer models you want to see the data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 only once, and always have them automatically updated with the latest numbers.

Two way data sync

Send data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Farseer or vice versa, depending on your needs.

The latest actuals

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration, you will always be sure that you are comparing your budgets or different plan versions with the latest actuals.

The benefits

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