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Make complex models easy.

Easy, intuitive and flexible modeling. All spreadsheet benefits, none of the downsides.

Set up the database.

Import GL data from spreadsheets or ERP, map it and create modeling templates.


Build models.

Drag & drop templates and easily shape and re-arrange your models in the visual editor.


Analyze data.

Slice and transform your model data and make interactive real-time reports.


Incredibly simple modeling workflow.

Drag and drop visual elements and handle databases without SQL and coding. Farseer structures your data in OLAP-like cubes automatically, all you need to do is slice the data.


Do better work.

Farseer's built-in mechanisms and features will make you thrive as a modeler and cut manual tasks by up to 90%.


Editable pivot, anyone?

Multi-dimensional spreadsheet handles more data faster, scales better, and eliminates the usual Excel busywork. Forget Vlookup and Pivot tables - an integrated database makes it possible to do more with less input.

Calculate everything at once.

Using our powerful top-down feature, automatically allocate values across multiple dimensions in your model. Calculate sales volumes over 12+ months for multiple brands, categories, distribution centres, key clients, and SKUs in just one click. 

Save time with productivity shortcuts.

Automate the most common manual tasks and calculations with built-in shortcuts. Swiftly copy last year's actuals and transform them into the plan for next year, effortlessly add new and switch between plan versions, control your timeline with built-in time series, apply percentage increases and decreases, and more. 

Write formulas using natural language.

Write fewer formulas, and do not worry about mistakes and errors. Farseer formulas use natural language, they work with entire tables, not just cells, and no one can accidentally delete them.

Easily collect and combine numbers.

Cut the time needed to collect data from team members by generating temporary entry links with pre-filled value suggestions. Your co-workers can edit or approve numbers, which automatically integrate into your model, without manually combining the data. 

Compile beautiful interactive reports.

Another benefit of the database integrated with the spreadsheet is the ability to instantly pull any data you need and create interactive reports in a few clicks. Reporting UI is simple and easy to master. All reports sync with the database automatically, so you won't need to update them manually, and you can export and share them with your teammates.

Total user autonomy, one live model

Inherent time series & versions

Spreadsheets + database



Drag & drop model editing

Built-in spreadsheet hierarchy


Financial modeling, reinvented.

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