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With Farseer you will have 4x better ROI than competitor software.

Farseer scales with your business and gets you enormous value at every stage.

For SMEs & smaller teams.


Unlimited users

Full access to the Farseer platform & all features

Limited data capacity (up to 10 000 cells)

Coming soon!


For companies with bigger planning teams.


2 modelers

8 planners

Full access to the Farseer platform & all features

No data capacity cap - unlimited # of cells


For large companies with multiple planning teams.


Unlimited users

Unlimited data connections

Full access to the Farseer platform & all features

No data capacity cap - unlimited # of cells

24/7 dedicated support

Custom modeling
Drag & drop database
Real-time live dashboard
Automated live financial statements
Custom Plan/Actual versions
Auto forecast tool
Bottom-up & top-down automated forecast propagation
Manual spreadsheet imports (Google Sheets, Excel)
Audit log
Multi-currency support
Compare features
Consolidation tools
Single Sign On - SSO
ERP integration
Custom 3rd party integrations
Full email/chat support
Dedicated customer success manager
Additional integrations
24/7 priority support
What-if scenarios
What-if scenarios
Contact us
Process Management

Coming soon!

“Being a Farseer user has been a great experience!

“The software has an intuitive user interface. With Farseer, you can ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.”

Vivek G.
Senior Risk and Compliance manager


What our customers say

"The most intuitive and flexible planning software"

“We replaced Excel completely and we do all our financial planning and reporting in Farseer. We have managed to implement very complex scenarios with multiple drivers, extremely fast.”

Bruno O.
Risk & Controlling Manager

"Farseer is easy to recommend!"

“The implementation did not take long. We connected Farseer to our ERP easily and got all our data into one place. Decision makers can finally dedicate the time to optimize the business results instead of planning.“

Milan L.

Project Manager

You can do better than spreadsheets & old-school software.


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