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Technical Consultant (Lead)

  M / F

Technical Consultant (Lead)  - Job Description

🥷 As the Lead Tech Consultant, you are primarily responsible for the successful deployment of Farseer, user adoption, and the thrill of our customers. You will lead the implementation team and be the key contact for customers from the first day of Farseer implementation, during which you will help them create a model that will best support their business and bring the best out of Farseer’s capabilities. Throughout the customer lifetime, your holy mission is to make sure that the implementation is impeccable, user adoption high, and that Farseer delivers a high ROI for the client. 


👩‍💻 Besides coordinating the implementations, one of the crucial activities of this role is communicating with the product team to ensure that the client's Farseer solution is working as planned at all times. Customer Success Team (that you will join, and eventually lead) is the voice of the customer towards the Product team, so you will be at the forefront of adding new features and improving existing ones.

Who are we?

Farseer is a Croatian startup based in Zagreb. We are the team behind Farseer - an innovative no code platform for financial modelling, planning and analytics. Our vision is to make Farseer the first choice for financial planning and reporting  - from bike shop to Fortune 500 companies 🥇

So far we have won several startup competitions and got an investment to further develop the product. 

More importantly, we are helping our growing base of international clients to escape Excel hell and focus on growing their business. Besides Zagreb, we have our London office as the foothold for international growth. 🌍

 Essential  skills, experience and traits: 

  • Minimum of two years of experience in adapting business platforms to clients' needs. Ideally, through implementing planning or BI solutions. But, we will take experience from other areas (e.g. Microsoft Business Central, Salesforce, etc.)

  • Experience with business analytics and project management.

  • Basic database skills.

  • Intermediate Excel skills.

  • Basic financial statements and KPIs knowledge.

  • Technical documentation writing and presenting experience

  • You're a team player, duh! 

  • You prefer to work in a creative, and sometimes hectic startup environment and you don't wait for inputs to act. 

  • You speak English and Croatian


We expect a person who can be independent after the initial training and can function without micromanaging. We need people who will improve things, not just deliver tasks.​​


If you join us, you'll be an early team member and help us shape:


  1. Our company culture

  2. Our consulting practices

  3. Hiring

  4. The direction & focus of our products

What we  offer: 

  • 🦄  That Silicon Valley feeling of changing the world 

  • 💪  Professional and personal growth with a clear career path and development

  • 📈  Employee Stock Options (ESOP) granted on merits and turbo-charged for early employees

  • 🏖  Ability to choose how many days of vacation you want

  • 💸  Salary from 10.000 - 16.000 HRK net - depending on your level of experience and knowledge

Apply Today!

This role is an immediate full-time position in our Zagreb office. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and help us take Excel down from its throne, apply today.


Send your CV, cover letter, and whatever else you believe will help you stand out to: 

We can’t wait to meet you.

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