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Revolutionary cash flow planning for startups that get (and stay) funded

Managing cash flow in a spreadsheet is error prone and painfully manual. Farseer allows you to plan, predict and report on your cash  10x faster  and much more accurately.


...of startups fail due to poor cash flow planning.


For SMEs and startups getting serious about their finances

Farseer has everything you need to plan and scale your startup financials.
Works like Excel, only better: advanced AI features and automatic calculations save your time while enabling you to get  actionable data  in a few clicks.

Smart Cells

Farseer drastically shortens planning time. You can fit spreadsheet worth of data in just one cell. Our sheets are on steroids.


Human Readable Formulas

Using formulas in Farseer is extremely intuitive. They are at least *150% more error-proof. No more expensive mistakes.


Intuitive Model Builder

You can use and edit our templates or create custom models from scratch in minutes. Changing the model is a breeze.


Blazingly Fast Computations

Unlike Excel, it takes minutes to create, connect and calculate large data sets in Farseer. Imagine copying files from folder to folder.

* To be honest, we made this number up. But our clients did tell us

that using Farseer has saved them up to  30 days a year. 

Optimize your cashflow runway

🔥 Don't get burned by your burn rate 

Plan your cash flow runway in detail while keeping the big picture in mind. Know what comes in, what goes out, and what actionable data to show your investors at any moment.

👀 Make your team cash flow aware

Empower team leads to plan and keep track of the MRR, hiring, marketing and all other expenses. Compare plans to actuals, and be ready to make the right, business-changing decision at any moment.

🤔 Visualize what's happening and why

Create and share beautiful and interactive dashboards for your team and investors. Everything is real-time and actionable.

Play with scenarios

What happens if you get funded two months earlier? You’ll hire more people and spend more on marketing? How about tweaking your pricing? Simulate complex financial decisions in seconds.

Optimize your cash flow to get to the next big thing. Be ready for everything the future will bring. ✌️

Stories from the outside

Head of Controlling @ Coral

Bruno Oštrić

"Farseer is powerful, yet very intuitive and easy to use. The support is beyond belief. We've completely replaced Excel for financial planning and analytics, moving from manual to collaborative.

Implementing collaborative planning of P&L, cash flow, balance sheet and profitability of all aspects of our business in one fast and intuitive interface has truly improved the way we manage our business."


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