Integrated supply chain planning & analytics

Switch from disconnected spreadsheets to collaborative and AI-driven planning.

Farseer Editable Pivot

Farseer dramatically shortens planning cycles, improves planning accuracy and eliminates manual work.

We combine the power of AI with human knowledge, for the most accurate operations and financial plan.

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Integrated supply chain planning, forecasting and reporting.

Break the silo. Connect all your SCM data into one data stream.

Businesses with optimal supply chains have  3x faster  cash-to-cash cycles.

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Infographic Snapshot About 3x Faster Cash to Cas Cycles

Easier Model Building

Unlike other SCM softwares, you can set-up and start using Farseer in hours. Create the organisational and planning structure through the user interface, or via import. Connect the variables using human language formulas. Without coding or tech support.

How Does Farseer Digitize Your Supply Chain?

Switch The Perspective

Farseer’s Editable Pivot feature increases inventory visibility and forecast accuracy by enabling you to switch between top-down and bottom-up perspectives. Forecast on SKU level, and see the impact on your product portfolio, and vice versa.
No matter what level you make changes on, the values are instantly calculated and propagated throughout the system.

Automated Forecasts

Smooth end-to-end supply chain management is supported by Farseer’s seamless and effortless forecasting abilities, automatic importing of actuals, and advanced machine learning.

Farseer Import Screen

Advanced Analytics & What-If Scenarios

Create stunning and interactive dashboards to compare forecast versions with actuals, with powerful slicing, drill-down and simulation capabilities, directly on the Dashboard.

Farseer Dashboard
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Maximize Revenue

Make sure to never lose sales with the help of demand forecasts.

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Optimize Supply

Optimize your inventory thanks to a detailed supply and purchase plan.

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Improve Cash

Improve free cash with what-if scenarios.

Farseer Guarantees an ROI of 8 Months or Less

 Full data transparency  for organization-wide problem-solving

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Supply Chain Managers

Manage and oversee all stages of production flow, from purchasing the raw materials to the delivery of the final product.

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Demand Planners

Conduct and maintain demand forecasts and inventory estimations with Farseer’s real time demand tracking.

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Brand Managers

Stay on top of your product portfolio by easily pivoting between products, sales channels, key clients.

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Procurement Managers

Easily develop new supply sourcing strategies with Farseer’s multiple plan versions and intuitive, one-click what-if scenarios.

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Inventory Managers

Analyze your inventory, prepare reports and always be ready for excessive inneficiencies or surpluses.

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Sales & Marketing Managers

Strengthen your company’s competitive position and build internal and external relationships that support efficiency.