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Series | Startup Finances Academy

~56 min per episode

About this series:

Very few startup founders get into the industry with a solid understanding of the financial aspect of their startup story. All of those who exit successfully though, are painfully aware of how important it is to understand their financials.

With this series, we want to help tech founders and CEOs with useful, actionable, and no-nonsense advice on how to run their company, secure funding, and spend more time working on the product.

Episode 1 | SaaS Startup KPIs

Konstantinos Vasilakos, MF, FP&A Business Partner

62 min | 25th Mar 2021


- Why is financial education crucial for successful Startups?

- What is the difference between a startup and a regular business, financially speaking?

- How does revenue and cost structure typically look like in a SaaS business?

- How to plan and track revenues and costs?

- What are the basic financial KPIs and how to use them properly?

- How to do it in Farseer?

Episode 2 | Solving the Cash Flow Problem

Konstantinos Vasilakos, MF, FP&A Business Partner

51 min | 8th Apr 2021


- What exactly is Cash Flow and why it is so important?

- What is Cash Flow forecasting?

- Cash flow planning horizon and frequency - short term vs long term?

- How to set up your cash flow planning?

- How to do it in Farseer?

Episode 3 | How to Talk to VCs About Your Startup Finances

Konstantinos Vasilakos, MF, FP&A Business Partner & Matija Nakić, CEO and Co-Founder

54 min | 22nd Apr 2021


- How to prepare for key financial statements - Cash Flow, P&L, Balance Sheet?

- How to create a 5 year plan in 3 scenarios - basic, worst and best?

- Intro to valuation - how investors do it, and how you can come prepared?


+Q&A session with Farseer CEO Matija Nakić

Startup Finances

Matija Nakić, CEO and Co-Founder

58 min | 18th Feb 2021

Who is it for?

Startup founders, startup CFO’s, and anyone interested in basic principles behind planning and managing the finances of a startup. Farseer’s CEO, Matija Nakić, takes you through the most important KPI's every startup should track and how to track them most effectively.


- Cash flow planning and management

- Scenario planning

- Expense and revenue KPI's


+ Q&A session with the audience

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