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🎉 We closed a $1.5M seed investment round led by Apertu Capital and SQ Capital. Read the announcement

Business planning platform for teams that outgrew spreadsheets.

Multi-dimensional spreadsheet + BI for collaborative and predictive planning. Automates 90% of your work.

Some of the companies planning with Farseer

You can do better than spreadsheets & old-school software.


Build better models. Own your planning.

Farseer is a unique planning platform. It helps all your team members to work together, building elaborate models and interactive reports. Unlike old school enterprise software, you can set it up and maintain it by yourself, and save on costly support.

With Farseer, you own your planning process.

Switch from CTRL+C & CTRL+V to centralized planning with 90% less manual work.


Painless and interactive reporting.

Build reports fast using any dimension from the database. Farseer enables you to compare your actuals and plan data, and create interactive dashboards. Right-click to share them with anyone.

Total control over your product portfolio.

Drill down to the SKU level or zoom out to the P&L to see the impact of your sales efforts. Investigate market opportunities, launch new products, and plan for unlimited dimensions. Farseer is tailor-made for sales.

Your one-stop for financial planning.

Create accurate budgets and plans, expand insights with what-if scenarios, forecast with certainty, close, consolidate...


No additional charges, data limitations or hidden costs.


Improve company planning without any disruptions.

8-week implementation and onboarding guaranteed.


Our unique UX enables easy user onboarding, better adoption rates, and a seamless transition from legacy software or spreadsheets tools.


Forget consulting billable hours and paying for support to change the model - own your planning and have total control over it.

We flipped the script.

Working in the 21st century, spreadsheets simply won’t do, and you deserve better enterprise performance software.

Farseer is fast to implement, easy to use, and you own it.

Lelo, a global producer of intimate lifestyle products, uses Farseer to automate demand forecasting and more.

Plinacro, the largest national gas distributor in Croatia, automates financial reporting and streamlines CAPEX planning.

Violeta, an international producer and distributor of hygiene goods, automates planning profitability for 30 brands and hundreds of SKUs.


How companies automate with Farseer

Making planning together great again!

Create plans in minutes and share them with planners. 

When you want to collect crucial data, you can quickly involve all team members with temporary entry links.*

*Your team members don’t need a Farseer subscription to enter data.


Farseer turns you into a Super-Modeler!

With our integrated database you can create complex models in minutes. It requires zero expertise and is remarkably simple to operate.


We dare you to try doing the same in Excel. 


Farseer is a collaborative tool. Its purpose is to help companies where 10+ people participate in the planning process. You can use Farseer in smaller companies, but the software delivers the most value to mid-size and enterprise companies.

The onboarding takes 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of your company, complexity of the model, and the number of external system you want to integrate with Farseer.

We don’t sell add-ons or modules. Every Farseer customer gets full access to the entire platform. We provide you the tools to build your planning models however you want.

Farseer enables you to centralize planning into one source of truth for all planners, plan in more detail, automate your forecasting, and seamlessly build live and interactive shareable reports.

Absolutely. With Farseer, you can build any external or internal reports. You can customize and share them with anyone in or outside your organization.

Yes. Farseer connects to your actuals data source and enables you to directly compare them with your budgets and forecasts.

Of course. Farseer is a multi-user tool with a built-in permission management system. You can limit or grant access to individual users and/or user groups.

Farseer can easily integrate with the most commonly used third-party systems companies usually use via Farseer API.


Frequently Asked Questions

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