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Let Financial and Business Planning Software Transform 
Your Enterprise


Automate processes and convert your predictions into actionable outcomes.

Demand forecasting is now much smoother and uncomplicated.

Farseer helped us switch from large and heavy operating Excels to only a few clicks for making the demand forecast process. Lelo's demand forecasting is now much smoother and uncomplicated.

We love how Farseer's algorithms automatically spread forecast numbers across multiple organizations, distribution channels, and product groups.

Read the case study ->

Saša Senker

Demand Planner @ Lelo

Connect Your Planning Departments

Unite your planning teams on a single platform and eliminate manual spreadsheet workflows. Streamline tasks like forecasting and budgeting through one platform, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.


The ultimate planning experience your team will love.

No more endless data prep and juggling .xls files between teams. Farseer brings your finance and sales teams together with one reliable source, simplifying the entire planning process and eliminating spreadsheets.

Automate Planning and Save up to 3 FTEs

Automate processes from SKU to P&L, ensuring efficiency across the board. Utilize historical data for instant forecasts, empowering informed decision-making. Synchronize management and operations through effortless top-down planning, ensuring alignment and maximizing organizational effectiveness.

Forget Overtime in Budgeting Season

Farseer's fast, in-memory database simplifies your financial operations, enabling rapid model construction, automated reporting, and one-input annual budgeting. Instantly forecast from historical data and strategically plan for profitability at a detailed level.


How companies automate with Farseer.

Plinacro, the largest national gas distributor in Croatia, automates financial reporting and streamlines CAPEX planning.

Learn how Farseer helped Plinacro →

Violeta, an international producer, and distributor of hygiene goods, automates sales planning for 30 brands and hundreds of SKUs.

Learn how Farseer helped Violeta →

Lelo, a global producer of intimate lifestyle products, uses Farseer to automate demand forecasting and more.

Learn how Farseer helped Lelo →

  • Farseer is a collaborative tool. Its purpose is to help companies where 10+ people participate in the planning process. You can use Farseer in smaller companies, but the software delivers the most value to mid-size and enterprise companies.

  • The onboarding takes 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of your company, complexity of the model, and the number of external system you want to integrate with Farseer.

  • We don’t sell add-ons or modules. Every Farseer customer gets full access to the entire platform. We provide you the tools to build your planning models however you want.

  • Farseer enables you to centralize planning into one source of truth for all planners, plan in more detail, automate your forecasting, and seamlessly build live and interactive shareable reports.

  • Absolutely. With Farseer, you can build any external or internal reports. You can customize and share them with anyone in or outside your organization.

  • Yes. Farseer connects to your actuals data source and enables you to directly compare them with your budgets and forecasts.

  • Of course. Farseer is a multi-user tool with a built-in permission management system. You can limit or grant access to individual users and/or user groups.

  • Farseer can easily integrate with the most commonly used third-party systems companies usually use via Farseer API.


Frequently asked questions.

See how Farseer can transform your business planning and improve your decision-making, collaboration, and efficiencies.


You can do better than spreadsheets & old-school enterprise software.



We eliminated tens of thousands of spreadsheets for our clients.


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