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Budgeting for companies overgrowing spreadsheets

Farseer is an innovative no-code platform for financial modeling, planning and analytics.
It helps finance teams focus on business results.

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Eliminates Manual Work

Single application for budgeting with a defined structure and indelible formulas.


Improves Collaboration

Changes are instant. Approval process and version locking ensure data integrity.


Guarantees Security

Role-based access to a single source of truth. Rights defined to the cell-level.


Speeds-up Decision Making

Interactive dashboards show actuals and offer blazingly fast what-if simulations.


Planning in the new world needs to be collaborative, continuous and predictive.  Spreadsheets are not scalable, easily shared and don't support real time decision making.

Farseer transforms your finances

Simplicity meets power.


Our innovative interface offers spreadsheets with a hierarchy. Changes can be done with a simple drag&drop. Users can build very complex models through formulas specialised for financial planning. Unlike in Excel, the formulas are Human-readable and can not be deleted by ordinary users.

Rapid Modeling

It takes minutes to create, connect and calculate large datasets in Farseer. Unprecedented flexibility empowers our users.

Instead of spending time on arduous data assembly and corrections, the finance team can finally support decision-making.


Multiple users can plan simultaneously from any device, anywhere with granular user rights management implemented. Planning administrators have full-control over the planning process. Adding or locking plan versions and timelines is extremely easy. Light-weight approval process helps keep the budgeting process on track. 

Multi-user Budgeting


On-demand Actuals

Import of actuals is fast and completely configurable. Farseer's data import module is award-winning. We worked hard on it and we keep improving it, since having the accurate data at the right time is critical for any company. On dropping a file from transactional systems, the entire model and all dashboards are automatically refreshed in Farseer.

Comparing plans with actuals is seamless. No additional development or customization is needed.


Users can create and share dashboards with detailed table reports and rich visuals. What-if scenarios can be added in seconds to check the impact of key variables to financial KPIs. 
The information is always accurate, updated and visible to all relevant stakeholders.

Self-service Analytics

Farseer dashboards offer on-demand reporting anytime, anywhere. Get relevant information in seconds.

Success stories

Farseer has helped companies from various industries to transform their finances.

We bring you some of their stories.

Head of Controlling @ Coral

Bruno Oštrić

"Farseer is powerful, yet very intuitive and easy to use. The support is beyond belief. We've completely replaced Excel for financial planning and analytics, moving from manual to collaborative.

Implementing collaborative planning of P&L, cash flow, balance sheet and profitability of all aspects of our business in one fast and intuitive interface has truly improved the way we manage our business."

Migrate from spreadsheets to Farseer in a day

Our product specialists will help you set up best practice financial model and onboard your entire team.