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The central place for your finances.

Light-weight cloud solution for planning and reporting on your company's financials. 

Overgrowing spreadsheets?

The majority of companies is using spreadsheets for budgeting. Spreadsheets can support very complex models but fail in security, accuracy, and automation.  


Unlike existing budgeting software, Farseer is easy to implement and simple to use. We kept the flexibility of a spreadsheet and added security, collaboration, and automatic reporting.

Are your financials scattered in spreadsheets? 

Do you struggle to get relevant data on time?

We can help.

Driver-based planning

In Farseer, you can create your company's financial model based on drivers - the main variables that impact your business. This approach allows much more accurate forecasts and easy creation of what-if analysis.

What-if scenarios

Check how changes in cost or revenue variables impact the P&L, cash flow statement, or any other KPI. Slide the drivers, save and share different scenarios, and respond to changes quickly.

Dashboards and alerts

Users can create different graphs and reports on top of data they have permission for. If the numbers are above or below a defined threshold, alerts are automatically sent.


In Farseer, there are no predefined planning modules. Thanks to its unique interface, every user can easily build simple or highly complex financial models in a matter of minutes. 


If your company is overgrowing spreadsheets or just starting with budgeting and cash flow tracking - book a demo today.

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