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All the most important financial data, on a single screen.

Access key information easily, and give board and management a clear view of financial KPIs.


Unprecedented financial overview.

Build beautiful and insightful real-time Dashboards.

Create live reports easily without any help from your team. Your dashboards, tied to our advanced database, always show the latest data. Customize, share, and get a quick overview of your most important KPIs in seconds.

Manage risk with What-if scenarios.

Farseer's interactive Dashboard widgets allow you to manipulate data and create what-if scenarios for any business case, incorporating the latest actuals. Test different business cases and turn them into viable plans for your business in seconds.

Generate the entire annual plan from one top-down number.

Farseer's breakback feature simplifies planning. Input one top number, and Farseer distributes it across models, generating targets, budgets, and forecasts swiftly, enabling your teams to create annual plans in minutes.
Generate millions of cells in seconds.

Have complete control over all budgets & cash flow.

Farseer's self-service model puts you in control of your data and finances. Work together using one source of data, and benefit from our fast calculation engine. With Farseer, manage your company's spend and cash flow with ease and confidence.


We eliminated tens of thousands of spreadsheets for our clients.

Give your people a better tool and future-proof your FP&A.



One source of truth for the most important financial statements.

Sales planning

Gain valuable insights and accurate revenue forecasts to drive business growth.

OPEX planning

Effectively manage and optimize operational expenses for financial efficiency.

Workforce planning

Optimize your workforce strategy to achieve organizational goals.

Assets planning

Maximize the value and impact of your long-term investments.

Cash Planning

Streamline cash management with accurate forecasts and real-time cash flow tracking.

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