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Information Security Policy

By developing, implementing, and applying an information security management system
(according to ISO/IEC27001:2022, ISO/IEC 27017:2015, ISO/IEC27018:2019), Farseer d.o.o. has
committed to responsibly and continuously manage information security as an integral part of its
business, ensuring a high level of information security for its users, suppliers, employees, and
other stakeholders.

By leading and improving the information security management system, we recognize
stakeholders and factors affected by information security:

  • Users: By developing our information security management objectives and understanding the business goals of our users, we meet their expectations;

  • Employees: By establishing a safe, stimulating, developmental, and ambitious work environment and quality organizational culture, we enablethe personal development of employees and ensure the achievement of our information security system goals;

  • Owners: By establishing a reliable management system that will ensure the increase in value and quality of the company and the fulfillment of the company's goals and mission;

  • Suppliers: With timely planning and stable business, we develop reliable and long-term relationships with suppliers;

  • Legislators: Compliance with current legal regulations, markets, and standards relevant to Farseer and the products we provide;

  • Community: By monitoring and aligning the expectations of the local community as a socially responsible company with a positive impact on the community;

The information security policy and the implementation of the information security management
system, with which we plan to achieve the highest level of expertise, reliability, quality, availability,
and satisfaction of our product, have defined the scope:

Development, implementation, and maintenance of cloud-based financial planning and reporting application systems.

The objectives of the information security management system that will enable us to fulfill and
implement information security are:

  • Development and implementation of quality and reliable products and services that meet the needs of our users;

  • Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information system and data in accordance with organizational and security requirements and risk assessment;

  • Security of business processes, activities, and information in the Farseer business environment;

  • Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our services and products;

  • Establishment, supervision, and continuous improvement of the security of all business processes for information security management, and activities, information, and personal data protection in the Farseer business environment; 

  • Establishment of information security controls for cloud services and protection of personal information in the cloud as a data processing executor;

  • Aligning business with legal, regulatory, contractual, and professional obligations;

  • Employing skilled and ambitious employees in every area of business, encouraging continuous improvement and personal development, and ensuring a pleasant working environment;

  • Cultivating and developing a business relationship with users and partnership relationships with service providers;

  • Achieving a positive impact on the local community, in a way that through our actions we are recognized as a socially responsible company aligned with the expectations of the local community.

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