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Data Slicer

Filter your KPI tables by any attribute or dimension used in the model and instantly get any information you need.

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What - If


Make detailed business simulations directly in the Dashboard and see how the changes reflect on the entire model.

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Real - Time

Data Sync

Any change in the model automatically updates your Dashboard. You don't even have to refresh the page.

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Drill - Down


Click on a line in the KPI table to expand it and learn how the figures come together.

 𐄂     Complex database workflows?

 𐄂     Multiple versions of the same report?

 𐄂     Manual report updating and error fixing?

 𐄂     Missing links and formulas?

 𐄂     Problems with multi-user workflows?

 ✔   No code, drag and drop reports

 ✔   Customizable visualizations

 ✔   Real-time data sync

 ✔   Built on top of your financial model

 ✔   Smart sharing with granulated access control

Spreadsheet Reports vs.  Farseer Dashboards 

  How  Bubblz Inc.  Creates Custom Reports

Each Bubblz Inc. department customizes its reports and makes detailed What-if analyses in their Dashboards.


Sharing live reports with other stakeholders speeds up the decision-making. No one worries about data integrity because all reports are connected to the Farseer model and updated automatically in real-time.

Management Wants Overview

The management often wants to glance at the main profitability KPIs - monthly sales volumes by product categories and regional distribution centers, together with top-selling products and inventory turnover rates.


They can  drill down  into the product category chart and instantly see the latest volumes and revenues by any dimension - markets, sales channels or product family.

Sales Analyzes The Volumes

The Sales department set up their Dashboard so they can quickly analyze sales revenues and product volumes. Slicer tool enables them to adjust the data filters and explore their charts in detail.

They  compare forecasts with actuals  and share crucial information with Marketing, who use the data for the next month's promotions.

Finance Controls The Cash Flow

The Finance department created a detailed report to analyze monthly profits and losses, down to SKU level. They use several KPIs to overview their cash flow, with interactive Dashboard widgets to create what-if scenarios.


For example,  they  play with the DSO ratio  to investigate the impact of potential payment delays of their major clients on the company's cash flow. They also share the price sensitivity what-ifs with demand planners and Marketing.

Bubblz Inc.

Bubblz is a cosmetic production company that improved its financial planning by moving away from spreadsheets to Farseer.

  Built In Features For Powerful Analyses.

Integrated BI Capabilities

One-Click Report Exporting

Interactive Widgets

100% Customizable Dashboards

Automatically Updated

Granulated Access Control

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