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How can we  work together? 

 80% of companies still use Excel for planning. 

They struggle with manual work, siloed workflows, and visible and invisible errors, which leads to late and misguided decision-making. Businesses need our help, and global market potentials are immense.


Join the Farseer family as an Implementor or Connector, and let’s tap into the sea of opportunities together.

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You want to expand your product portfolio, and you have the tech expertise and resources for spreading the word about Farseer?


The Implementor partnership is perfect for you. Your team will own all processes, and we will support you all the way.

Implementor activities:

  • Sales

  • Implementations

  • Integrations

  • Client support


You are well connected and you work with or know about companies who struggle with spreadsheets or ancient planning systems, and who could benefit from Farseer?


Become a Farseer advocate, and help us reach our ideal clients.

Connector activities:

  • Brand advocacy

  • Sales

  • Referrals

  • Creating new sales channels


Partnership Programs

Partner Benefits

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Shared Licence Revenue

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100% Implementation Fee

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Access To Custom Demo Models

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Deep Dive Product Workshops

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Designated Customer Support

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24h Ticket Resolution Time