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Shell Gas Station

  About the Client

Coral is one of Croatia’s biggest gas wholesale and retail companies, with 40 gas stations in the retail chain. Motor Oil Hellas recently acquired the company which will continue operating under the Shell brand.


Planning of costs and revenue in Coral was done quarterly in several spreadsheets by a small team in controlling and finance departments, with a lot of manual tasks in creating reports.

Coral needed a solution that would lower the workload of finance and controlling departments. At the same time, they wanted to enable line and shop managers to plan their P&L monthly.

Considering the volatility of gas prices, Coral was in dire need of an integrated scenario planning solution. Scenarios were usually done in spreadsheets, but it was impossible to run multiple ones at the same time, and get the information about the impact on the entire company.


With Farseer, planning and budgeting in Mazars got centralized and actuals became available on-demand through our universal import module.

To simplify monthly management reporting, we created a model in Farseer mapped with data from Mazars’ General Ledger. Managers can drill down through the detailed P&L report to the level of a single transaction if needed.

Timesheet entries are easily uploaded to Farseer by an administrator, which allows detailed profitability analytics on team, client, and project levels. Mazars' team and project leaders can now see the profitability utilization KPIs for every team and optimize to improve the overall company profitability.

Coral Results: Faster and More Accurate Planning Process, Create and Compare Complex Scenarios In No Time, Distributed Planning Responsibility


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